Happic: The Wearable Device That Introduces Multi-Haptic Feedback
Happic Is A Wearable Device With Multiple Haptic Touchpoints That Communicate Rich Meaning To Users Through Touch

Berlin, September 2015,  Happic, an innovative wearable for both iOS and Android that can communicate rich meaning to users through touch, is now available for early signups.

A smart wearable device with advanced haptic feedback, Happic provides intelligent notifications from a user’s mobile device, a unique new way to interact with smartphones, activity tracking, and other features.

Imagine you’re out on your morning jog. Your best friend messages you to tell you they’ve scored their dream job. You’ll feel it on the inner part of your wrist. If someone is not in your VIP list messages, it will vibrate on the outer side of your wrist.

You can even receive real-time navigation from Happic which will vibrate right when you need to turn right and vibrate left for left.

Happic also allows a new level of control over your smartphone. For example, you can move your hand in one direction and your phone’s camera zooms in or out. You then twist your wrist to take the perfect selfie and send with a flick of the wrist.

Happic is also ideal for people who are hard of hearing since they can receive rich messages via vibrating alert without having to hold their phones. For the visually impaired, both the haptic sensor array, helping navigation in real time as well as gesture control, combine to augment communication.

The inner wrist is one of the most sensitive places on the human body. Using a unique array of tiny linear sensors positioned on the inside of Happic, users receive a special tactile alert. Happic then produces an array of vibration patterns subtly communicating rich messaging to users directly through touch alone. This allows users to set up special forms of communication by using their own special code.

Happic’s specifications include:

  • World’s first multi haptic sensor array worn around the wrist
  • Precise and contextual motion sensing
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
  • 1.4” bright sun readable OLED screen
  • Multi touch surface
  • Wire-free USB charging built into the band
  • Li-ion Polymer battery
  • Battery life up to 7 days
  • Water resistant

“Wearable devices today are more sophisticated and constantly evolving,” said Gilad Reshef, Managing Director of Made in Sense. “Happic is a revolutionary interface at the forefront of global wearable development because you can communicate through different touching patterns so it keeps you in touch with those closest to you with feeling – literally.”

Gilad Reshef – Co-Founder
Malcolm Paton – Co-Founder
Minoru Yamada – VP Engineering
Michael Bukchin – R&D Director
Tracy Tsang – Product Development
Chris Moore – Project Manager

Made in Sense Ltd. is Hong Kong registered company founded in March 2012. Made up of a diverse team of experts located in Hong Kong, London and Israel, their focus is to design and develop intelligent, interactive and intuitive wearable companion devices to address the on-the-move requirements of smartphone and tablet users, both today and for the future.