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Smartphones are bigger and more powerful than ever but they seem to have lost touch, when...

...all you need is a little nudge

Happic lets you use your favourite Apps and stay in touch with your friends in a more natural way without being distracted by your phone.

Happic goes way beyond a standard vibrating alert.
Its sensory array is akin to 360 degree surround sound.

With an advanced wrap-around
haptic engine, happic can generate rich patterns of vibrations that convey more meaning.

From directions while you navigate, to personalized, easy to recognize vibration patterns between you and your friends.

Happic also uses advanced gesture control to operate other devices. You can even use it to sync with your phone to take the perfect selfie.

Lets you live in the moment.

It stays quiet when it needs to be and yet let people important to you reach out by gently tapping on your inner wrist.

Elegantly designed

Happic was designed by award winning product design consultants therefore and will be available in a range of colours.


Gesture control

From camera control for the perfect selfie to silencing your phone.

Smart vibrations

Three perfectly positioned sensors to communicate rich meaning through vibration.

Health & Fitness

Happic helps you. Monitoring your health and fitness it optimises your lifestyle.

SDK & the Future

Happic is the only wearable device in the world with multiple vibrating sensors. 

This combined with its intelligent gesture control means that Happic can be used in endless ways. 

It is launched with an SDK (Software Development Kit), which means that developers can create new and exciting ways for you to use it to interface with the world. 

Gesture controlled and received sign language, talking in instant message chats through gesture alone, gaming and beyond… the potential for your Happic is endless