About us

Made In Sense Limited was started in 2012 following a conversation at a trade event in Hong Kong between our founders, Gilad and Malcolm. They realized that there was a need for an intelligent wearable device that was discreet enough to be worn yet powerful enough to optimize the ever-growing functionalities of smartphones… Made In Sense was born.

However, as the project developed, so did the product itself…

Bringing together a truly international team of experts from Hong Kong, Israel and London, including award-winning product design specialists Therefore, Happic evolved way beyond a smart-watch linked to a smartphone.

Now, it is the only patented device of its kind in the world that allows users to employ rich patterns of vibrations via an array of sensory haptic points to communicate through touch alone. This, along with Happic’s intelligent motion-tracker and gesture control, places Made In Sense at the forefront of wearable technologies, presenting a device with limitless possibilities as a dynamic user interface.

the team

Gilad Reshef - Co-Founder
Malcolm Paton - Co-Founder
Minoru Yamada - VP Engineering
Michael Bukchin - Head of R&D
Tracy Tsang - Head of Product Development
Chris Moore - Project Manager


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